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Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest

Our 2019 Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest Lineup and Guests!

Feature Films

Sold Out! Feature Shorts

Short Film Guests

MIn Zhou, Director

Going Home

Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung

Finding Nasseebi

Julie Zhan, Co-Director


King Yaw Soon
My Mother, Myself & I

Yin Yin Liow

My Mother, Myself & I

Feature Film Guests

Valerie Soe, Director

Love Boat: Taiwan

John Huang, Director

Find Me

Taylor Chan, Director

Dating After College

Rick Quan, Director

Mayor Ed Lee

Lauren Vuong, Director

Finding the Virgo

Julian Kim, Co-Director

Happy Cleaners

Harry and Josh Chuck

Chinatown Rising

Benson Quach, Producer

Dating After College

Diane Fukami, Director

Norman Mineta Legacy

Christopher Yang

Dating After College

Jon Osaki, Filmmaker

Alternative Facts

Peter S. Lee, Co-Director

Happy Cleaners

“Connecting and inspiring communities through stories of Asian American and Pacific Islanders from Silicon Valley and America”

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Our Mission

“The Silicon Valley Asian American Pacific Film Festival provides a platform for the artistry of story telling of the Asian and Pacific Islander through the lens of the American experience, the imaginable and the unimaginable connecting our lives and communities through written words, song and performance.”



Buck Gee and Mary Hackenbracht

Connie Young Yu


Dr. Jerry Hiura
Lucia Cha


Brenda Hee Wong

Dr. Gary Cleary and
Mrs. Nobuko Sato Cleary


Jeff and Leianne Lamb

Gong- Guy

Cindy Toy

Ben Katai and
Dora Ozawa

Victoria Taketa


Yosh Uchida

Osaki Family

2019 Community Partners


The Women Historical Art Group