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Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest

Brad Kageno / USA / Comedy, Drama, Romance / 2017 / 90 mins

Kelly is tired,stuck in a cubicle,and lives with her ex.  Chi is inexperienced, unemployed ,and still lives with his mom.  When they meet, it’s...well, it’s not quite love at first sight. But they give it a shot anyway. On the battlefield of love, which will prevail - Kelly’s pragmatism or Chi’s idealism?And can their relationship survive either one?

Brad Kageno
Director / Writer / Producer / Editor
Brad was born and raised in Hawaii, and studied filmmaking at Chapman University under the guidance of directors John Badham (SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER) and William Friedkin (THE EXORCIST). 
Pyung Kim
Writer / Producer
Pyung Kim was born and raised in norther Virginia. He studied Economics and English at the University of Virginia and Screenwriting at UCLA. Pyung's background in comedy is both extensive and eclectic - a former stand-up comedian, he is also a published comic strip author and artist, and has even worked as a speechwriter in Silicon Valley where he wrote jokes for CEOs such as Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!) and Tim Armstrong (AOL). 
Lawrence Kao
Lawrence Kao is an actor, or that's what he tells people. Son of an accountant and a mailman, he was born in Hacienda Heights, California, groomed to become a pediatrician. However, forced to play musical instruments as a kid by his mother, Lawrence grew fond of the arts. While receiving his Bachelor's in Theatre at UC Irvine, he found another outlet of self-expression through dance, which led to his participation on MTV's AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW. After graduating, Lawrence continued to flex his theatre muscles at award-winning companies such as East West Players and South Coast Repertory.