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Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest

Our man in Tokyo

(Directed & Produced by Akira)

Our Man in Tokyo is a short documentary about the struggles and obsessions of Shin Miyata, a Tokyo-based music promoter and record label owner who specializes in the difficult task of distributing Chicano music from East Los Angeles.

My San Francisco

(Directed, Produced, Edited & Written by Crystal Cheng)

A heartfelt adventure through the quiet hidden gems in the Sunset and Richmond districts of San Francisco.


 (Directed by Carl Molina, Starring Caleb Jo)

Jory, an Asian American teenager who struggles with mental health in Silicon Valley, is brought up in two contrasting realities that portray the upbringing ramifications of what it means to be Asian American in the valley.

Cookies for Sale

(Written, Directed and Animated by Jonny Dorais)

A young beaver travels door to door selling "Fuzzy Cake Cookies".

Love for Food

(Directed & Written by Raphael Mallari)

Love for Food is about an Asian Immigrant named Bee who lives in SF away from her family. She utilizes food as a coping mechanism for her separation from her family. This internal struggle she experiences paves a somber narrative for the film.

The Sun Flower Child

(Written & Directed by RJ Siu)

A Chinese-American woman who gets pregnant at a young age struggles with her decision to keep the baby in the face of disapproval from her family and community.

Special Guest Moderator - Robert Handa

Named as the 2015 Reporter of The Year by the Associated Press, Robert Handa is a reporter for NBC Bay Area News

The following short films guests will be present for a panel discussion after their short films screening.

  • Our Man in Tokyo - Akira Bosh
  • Love for Food - Raphael Mallari
  • Jory - Carl Monila, Caleb Jo
  • Cookies for Sale - Jonny Dorais
  • My San Francisco - Crystal Cheng
  • The Sunflower Child - RJ Siu