Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest

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Thursday April 27th

Venue: Camera 3

Save my Seoul

7:30 pm

Opening Night Screening

Friday April 28th

Venue: SJ Museum of Art

Memoirs of Bjork-Geisha: From Orientalism to Incarceration 

7:00 pm      

Galleries Open (optional docent-led tours)

8:00 pm      

Tina Takemoto Presents "Memoirs of Bjork-Geisha: From Orientalism to   Incarceration."



Saturday April 29th

Venue: Camera 3

Mifune - The Last Samurai

11:30 am

Persona Non Grata

2:00 pm

Mele Murals

5:30 pm


8:00 pm

Sunday April 30th

Venue: Camera 3

Paper Lanterns

2:30 pm

Bitter Legacy

4:30 pm

In the Family

7:00 pm